3/9M - Going strong!

Rhadamanthos ao posted Aug 2, 17

3/9M bosses down in Tomb of Sargeras and still going strong for 2 nights a week! We're still currently looking for talented players so if you're a ranged or melee who can outDPS anyone in our group (specially those filthy ret pallies) then we have a spot for you! Check out our recruitment needs and if interested apply within.

If you have any questions about recruitment, feel free to contact:

BNET: Emerald#1525
BNET: Rhadamanthos#1622
BNET: Decaynyc#1679

Tomb of Sargeras

Rhadamanthos ao posted Jun 14, 17

Tomb of Sargeras is around the corner and we're still looking for talented players to help us progress through heroic and mythic content. If you're interested, feel free to fill out an application or reach out to us via BNET. Currently standing at 8/10M progression for Nighthold, looking to amp up the progression in Tomb!

BNET: Rhadamanthos#1622
BNET: Emerald#1525

Haven't updated in a while, but we're now 7/10M after Botanist tripped and fell last night to his untimely death. We're still recruiting strong ranged DPS of any class so if you're interested, reach out to me directly or apply in the application section!

Excellent work from the team putting forth an excellent effort killing Gul'Dan in heroic mode. Now he has to die...again...

On to mythic!

Congrats to the team for getting 7/7M done and the "Cutting Edge" achievement for killing Xavius in mythic difficulty.

Recruitment is still open, check forums.

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