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Haven't updated in a while, but we're now 7/10M after Botanist tripped and fell last night to his untimely death. We're still recruiting strong ranged DPS of any class so if you're interested, reach out to me directly or apply in the application section!

Excellent work from the team putting forth an excellent effort killing Gul'Dan in heroic mode. Now he has to die...again...

On to mythic!

Congrats to the team for getting 7/7M done and the "Cutting Edge" achievement for killing Xavius in mythic difficulty.

Recruitment is still open, check forums.

RKT is back and currently looking to recruit talented players for our 2 night 6 hour per week raiding schedule.

Currently looking for some ranged peoples. People interested in applying feel free to fill out an app or head to our recruitment forums to see what we're looking for to fill our roster.

Patch 6.2 is a new slate for all guilds. We're currently holding open recruitment for all classes, specs, and roles. We're looking to strengthen our roster and ensure we have the right group to progress quickly in heroic and mythic Hellfire Citadel. Whether you're a former mythic/heroic raider, or are looking to experience more content quicker within a reasonable schedule, now is the time.

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Welcome back everyone.
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